About Us

Nascor Technologies, is a software product start-up, in pursuit of leveraging, enhancing, transforming email platform(s) to offer email users tangible VALUE beyond, just Communication.

We @ Nascor, with our patent pending concepts, are realising product(s), which seamlessly blends with email UI and envision to touch every e-mailer on the globe, with intuitive, innovative utilities & tools to make emailing easy, productive, alleviate pain points, helping e-mailers to manage work and emails too.

Nascor is one of first, among start-ups in India and one of few worldwide, in the email technology and platform space. Our products gives different dimension and perspective for email & emailers, significantly enhancing the utility value of email platforms.

We also offer customized solutions & services, having built expertise in Office 365, Microsoft technologies & products.

Winners – CeBIT Infosys ‘+91 Start Up Challenge’

Mission Statement
We intend to Leverage, Enhance, Transform Email Systems  by creating products that address real world needs.

Why Nascor
Our offerings / technology framework (patent pending) will help email users worldwide to redefine their mail usage patterns leading to a better work-life balance.