1. tZirrTM – Supported Mail Clients, OS and Hardware platforms
  2. Currently tZirrTM is supported & works only Microsoft Outlook mail client English Versions 2007, 2010 and 2013 on Microsoft Windows OS only for both x86 or x64 bit CPUs.

    Presently, other than what is mentioned above, tZirrTM is NOT supported on Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Office Outlook 365, Thunderbird, Zimbra, Gmail, Yahoo!, Smartphone’s etc.

    Nascor Team is working to make tZirrTM available soon to other mail clients, including web & smart devices also.

  3. tZirrTM – Pre-requisites, Install, Register, Activate
  4. Please carefully read through the Instructions detailed in the link below:
    tZirr install instructions

  5. Unable to Register License while installing tZirrTM ?
  6. During install, after furnishing information, tZirrTM connects to our servers to register the License tied to the Customer. For this, the system has to be connected to the internet and necessary permissions enabled so that your firewall allows access (port 443) to our servers from tZirrTM. Need permission for https port (port 443). Kindly contact your network administrator.

    Another possibility is when one has already installed tZirrTM earlier using the License key. Subsequently, when a user wants to re-install tZirrTM on a different machine and furnishes the same license key, user will not be allowed to register. Please refer to the FAQ on ‘How does License key & Activation key work’

  7. tZirrTM not visible in Microsoft Outlook Main menu
  8. After install, when Microsoft Outlook is re-started, ‘tZirr’ should appear in Microsoft Outlook Main Menu Bar. If ‘tZirr’ is not visible, then depending on system security settings, there is a possibility that Add-Ins in Microsoft Outlook in general might be disallowed or disabled. In which case, after installing tZirrTM will not work. If not, one needs to enable Add-Ins to be allowed/ installed. Also, after installation please check if tZirrTM COM Add-in is enabled in Microsoft Office Outlook. If not, please enable the same.

    Please refer to the “Enable tZirr Add-In in Outlook” under ‘Activation’ section detailed in link below. Also, lot of information is available on the internet on how to enable Add-Ins:

    tZirr install instruction

    Also when another user of Microsoft Windows (other than ‘Administrator’ of the machine) using the same machine login and uses Microsoft Outlook, there is a possibility that ‘tZirr’ may not appear in Microsoft Outlook Main Menu Bar. This is because, tZirrTM requires Administrative privileges to install and when the tZirrTM install setup program is run ( as Administrator ) one should also select the option to make this ‘Available’ for all Users of Microsoft Windows using the same machine. Kindly take the help of your Administrator.

  9. Unable to Activate tZirrTM, feature options greyed
  10. After install, one can observe that, tZirrTM is visible as one of the main menu item in the MS Outlook main menu bar. On selecting any mail item in folder or view pane of MS Outlook and on right mouse click, tZirrTM feature options will be greyed. This means that, tZirrTM is yet to be activated. For more details visit:
    tZirr install instructions

    To activate, go to tZirrTM visible on MS Outlook main menu bar, select ‘Activate tZirr’ sub menu option. In the form that pops out, copy ‘only’ the activation key string sent my email to your mail id furnished during installation (without leading or trailing spaces, any characters etc.). After getting success message, restart Microsoft Outlook.

    Please carefully read through the Instructions detailed in the link below:
    tZirr install instruction

  11. tZirrTM Stops working, feature options greyed
  12. After install of trial version, tZirrTM will work only for a limited trial period and will expire. When tZirrTM expires, the feature options are greyed. One can find out the expiry date by going to the tZirrTM ‘About’ sub menu option accessible from tZirrTM visible on Microsoft Outlook main menu bar.

    One can re-enable and continue to use tZirrTM by purchasing a license and activating tZirrTM again using the license key, sent via email after purchase. No re-install of tZirrTM is required.

    Please read through the section on Purchase & Trial version conversion detailed in the link below:
    tZirr install instruction

  13. tZirrTM License key & Activation key – Usage, Revoking
  14. A License key has to be used only once, during first time install of tZirrTM. If more than one License quantity of tZirrTM is purchased in one order, then same license key is issued. In which case, multiple users can use the same License key to install on different machines till all the quantity bought is exhausted.

    During install for the first time, after furnishing the License key and ‘Submit’ in the installation screen, the License Key gets activated, registered to the user and is locked to the machine where tZirrTM gets installed. Subsequent installation on different machine is not allowed to protect the interest of License Owner/User.

    Further to this, a unique activation key will be sent to the user mail id furnished during tZirrTM installation. This activation key has be used to Activate tZirrTM.

    Also with activation key alone, one can re-install tZirrTM on the ‘same’ machine without the need for License Key. While installing for the first time, please make sure a valid email id is given to receive the activation key & preserve the same for future reference.

    To revoke or reuse a license on a different machine, send a mail to Nascor support will all details. After validating the credentials – License Key, Activation key, registered mail id, Order reference etc. One can get License Key revoked for usage on a different machine.

    For more information refer to links:
    tZirr install instruction

  15. tZirrTM – Help, Using features
  16. Please carefully read through the description detailed in the link below:
    tZirr help

  17. tZirrTM – Uninstall
  18. With ‘Administrator’ privileges, invoke the Microsoft Windows control panel. Selecting ‘programs and features’ option, all the programs are listed including tZirrTM. Clicking on tZirrTM, gives an option to uninstall. Also, lot of information is available on the internet on how to uninstall programs from a Microsoft Windows machine.

  19. Support – Contact
    Mail us: support@nascorgroup.com

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