U@Work – Work Management

UWork128 Manage Work- activities, tasks, meetings and rich dashboard, from your Outlook mailbox
Office mailbox have mail conversations related to work, projects, people working on activities, tasks, meetings, action items, reports on progress etc.  Presently, to manage work, one or more tools are used.

Users, without leaving their mailbox window, U@Work (You at Work) Outlook add-in allows one to manage all work/project related activities from the context of an outlook email itself.

U@Work has an intuitive UI which lets the users configure, manage and track status of the projects with live infographic dashboard. In Addition, project related emails are automatically organized in relevant Project folders thus bringing uniformity across team and ease work transition too. Furthermore, this improves adherence to ISO, COBIT etc. related standards.

This Team collaboration add-in (min 2 users), significantly enhances productivity across team and reduces dependence on other Business tools. U@Work is a light weight management productivity tool with patent pending features, no learning curve and is adaptable for any industry.


Manage Work: Users can create, manage, projects from U@Work directly defining activities, sub-activities etc. and assign people to a project within the context of an email in outlook. Project related emails will be automatically routed to relevant folders in the hierarchy.

Dashboard: U@Work add in provides a dashboard view where the users can view metrics like status of tasks, resource allocation & project schedules in the form of Gantt charts etc.

Team on Same Page: Manager shares project details to team members with a single click. The sharing happens via email being sent to people whom activities, sub-activities etc. have been assigned.

Auto-Organize folders: On receipt of first project email, similar project (folder) structure as configured by Manager will be created in every team member’s mail box automatically, thus bringing uniformity in project structure across team.

Auto-Organize project emails: From UI, when any team member sends email with context set by selecting Project, Activity, Sub-activity etc., emails get automatically routed to respective folders in the recipients mailbox.

Manage Tasks: From UI, create tasks against project, activity, sub-activity etc., and assign to any team member. Team members can update task progress and the data is rolled into dashboard.

Meetings & MoM: Leveraging Calendar capability on mail client, U@Work can create meetings. U@Work can also create and track MoM for a meeting, with decisions taken and action items created and assigned related to a meeting and can track the progress of action items.

Resource un-availability: From UI, Team members can notify their non-availability, example leave, vacation etc. This detail is rolled to the Manager and also routed to the respective project folder.


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