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Mail category Color Configuration

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Mail category colors are set by default. tZirr allows changing this setting only once when MS Outlook is opened after tZirr installation.

Please note, this is a one-time setting, which cannot be changed later.

Menu Options

tZirr features can be invoked either from the Menu Dropdown, On Right Click after selecting an Inbox folder or Mail Item as indicated below.

tZirr Help tZirr Help tZirr Help
Right Click Option when a Folder is selected Right Click Option when a Mail Item is selected Menu Bar Dropdown


Categorize Mails

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tZirr categorizes mails by color coding all the mails received in the Inbox as described in the table below. The color coding appears in the Category Colum in the MS Outlook mail view window as indicated in the picture above. The colors selection for each category would have been selected / set earlier when tZirr was activated.

Category Name Description
To Only #1 To U Only Categorizes when the primary recipient is the only person in ‘TO’ field
Fwd To Only #2 Fwd To U Only Categorizes when the primary recipient is the only person in ‘TO’ field, when a sender forwards a mail
To #3 U TOO Categorizes when, apart from the primary recipient, there are other recipients in the ‘TO’ field
CC #3 U CC’ed Categorizes when the primary recipient is present in the 'CC' field

Manually categorize mails

On selection, when you right click on the Inbox Folder or Mail Item, tZirr provides an option to manually categorize mails. One can categorize mails received earlier, prior to the installation of tZirr. Also, sometimes, when a user receives a lot of mails in one go, due to constraints with MS Outlook, there is a possibility that some mails may not get categorized. This tZirr option will help categorize such mails.

Please Note:

In case one intends to categorize all mails in a Folder, then depending on the number of mails present in the folder, Categorization may take a lot of time. While categorizing, no other activity can be performed in MS Outlook till Categorization process is complete.

tZirr categorizes mails specific to only one email id of recipient configured to ‘Primary Mail Account’ ( basic or default email account ) in Microsoft Outlook.

tZirr will not categorize ‘alias’ email ids of recipients, recipient’s email id in BCC, recipients email id as part of distribution list and for other recipient mails ids, Secondary or other Microsoft Outlook email accounts.

Mails with hyperlinks with embedded images may not get Categorized. Depending on the system and security settings, Microsoft Outlook will block display of such images and hyperlinks.

Pen Thoughts

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Pen Thoughts allows the user to ‘Pen His Thoughts’ associated to any email. User can enter Only Text, Edit any time, Save or Delete. Please be assured that this text data is stored locally and will not be transmitted when mails are sent. Also, one can see a visual representation of a 'Thought' in yellow color visible in the category column added to a mail along with categorized mail.

Invoking Options

  • After selecting a Mail Item, on the right, Pen Thoughts can be invoked by right click.
  • While viewing a mail, From Main Menu, Under tZirr Tab, select Pen Thoughts.
  • From Explore Thoughts Window, when a Mail item is selected, the mail opens and From Main Menu, Under tZirr Tab, select Pen Thoughts option.

Please Note:

A ‘Thought’ should be associated with a single mail. If multiple mails are selected and ‘Pen Thought’ invoked, 'Thought’ will get added to the first selected email and not to all the selected mails.

When mails with 'Thoughts' is Bundled, and Imported by another recipient, visual representation of 'Thought' may appear in the category column, but the content will not be visible to the recipient.

Explore Thoughts

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As shown in the screen above, tZirr provides an option to view the list of all the ‘Thoughts’ associated with each mail by invoking the ‘Explore Thoughts’ option. From this window, one can double click on any mail item and get to edit/delete ‘Thoughts’.

Explore Attachments

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As shown in the screen above, tZirr provides a feature to list all the Attachments that one has received through mails for any folder. From this window, one can double click and get to open a mail with the associated attachment.

tZirr provides option to filter attachment based on File extension. Most of the known file extensions are made available for one to choose.

Options How to choose
File Extensions One can choose the available check boxes to list attachment of one or more file extension types and click ‘Search’.
Other File Extensions To list attachment file types, not mentioned on ‘File Extensions’, check ‘Other File Extension’ option and click ‘Search’.
List All Attachments To list all attachments of all extension types, click ‘Clear All’ and then click ‘Search’

Please note, one can choose options from either “File extension” or “Other File Extensions” and not both together. Tool tips can be viewed by hovering the mouse on these options.

To invoke, right click on any selected MS Outlook folder and choose the ‘Explore Attachments’ Option. Attachment for mails in the folder will be listed in the window.

Please note:

Depending on the MS Outlook behavior, Vcf files, logos, symbols, hyper link, embedded images, icons etc., will not be listed as an attachment in the Attachment Explorer.

Listing attachment takes time depending on the number of mails in any folder.

Sometimes, Icons indicative of a document type may not appear for some Attachment types.

Bundle Mails

The Bundle Mails feature allows one to select a set of files and save them as a Personal Storage Table, popularly known as pst file extension & type proprietary to Microsoft.

Select one or more mails from the Microsoft Outlook Mail View and on Right Click and choosing the ‘tZirr Bundle Mails’ option, one can create a pst file containing the selected mails. Even the mails displayed based on a search criteria across folders can be bundled together. These mails bundled as pst can be retrieved/restored by using Import options in Microsoft Outlook.

Reply All

tZirr provides a feature which will make you stop and think whether you really want to Reply to All. One can configure an option to display an ‘Alert’ when one chooses to “Reply All’.

To Configure, please select “Config ReplyAll Alert” from the menu drop down and a window similar to one shown below will be displayed.

tZirr Help  tZirr Help

When one chooses ‘Yes’, ‘Reply All’ alert option is enabled. So, for any mail, when one chooses to “Reply All” an alert message as shown below is displayed.